Entering Kinder Academy is the advent of an adventure; one that is full of awe and discovery,
a world in which our main elements are our little stars! Little stars who are at ease beyond their borders;
confident and secure; artists no matter their field; practical in the ways of the world;
emotionally unafraid and physically fit; humble about their gifts and generous
of spirit. Most importantly, architects of lives that transcend the ordinary!

~ Anum Baig

The Driving Force


Anum Baig is the visionary founder of Kinder Academy to promote the education in Pakistan. She has always been inclined towards the early childhood education. She did her graduation and master degrees from UK in conjunction with several management and international protocol courses from Switzerland and acquired educational training diploma from the UAE. She has a vast working exposure from best institutes at an international level. After realizing the gap between conventional and traditional teaching methods alongside the notion to prepare leaders of tomorrow; she supported it with an intensive research, workshop and advisory in child psychology that become a core philosophical foundation of today proudly standby of Kinder Academy.


Haya Baig is a graduate of Mc-Gill University, Canada. With a keen interest in women’s health & fitness, she is also an internationally certified Lamaze Yoga Instructor. Her vision is to introduce a wholesome, healthy-living environment at Kinder Academy. Haya, will be introducing Prenatal/Postnatal classes for young mothers, to empower the body and mind. Build strength and confidence to prepare them for before and after delivery. She will be organizing several workshops throughout the year purely focused on assisting mothers become super-moms.

Iman Baig

Iman Baig, studied at Karachi Grammar School. Her vision is to help the preschool grow as a child-centered community, and all her efforts are true to our philosophy. Iman has leveraged her strengths ; mastering the art of resourcefulness, and wants to cultivate a love for learning in children. She is compassionate and generous, dedicated to positively influencing the lives of her students. Her dream is to pursue her passions and turn her love of children into a meaningful career that will transmit into our future generations.


Ameena Saiyid

Ameena Saiyid is a managing director of Oxford University Press (OUP) in Pakistan. She is the first women in Pakistan who become the head of OUP Pakistan. In this multinational company she provides professional services since 1988 to promote the education sector in Pakistan. In 2005, she became the first Pakistani woman to be awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her services for women’s rights, education, intellectual property rights in Pakistan, and to Anglo-Pakistan relations. She is also the founder of Karachi Literature Festival. In February 2013, she was conferred the prestigious French award of Knight for Order of Arts and Letters in promoting the literary culture.

Dr Saadia Quraishy

Dr Saadia Quraishy is on the Board of Aman Health since 2012 and Chairperson of MASHAL, Aman Foundation’s mental health initiative. She has over 30 years of clinical experience in medicine and specialization in psychiatry in Pakistan and UK. Dr Saadia has been trained in medical management at the Kings Fund in London and has been lecturer for psychiatry to undergraduate medical students at Imperial College UK. She is a graduate of Dow Medical College, Karachi and has been educated and worked in premier institutions in Karachi and UK including 17 years at Guys and St Thomas, Ealing and Charing Cross hospitals in London.

Mohammad A.Rajpar

Mohammad A.Rajpar completed his Master of Philosophy (Economics & Politics) from Cambridge University, U.K. in 1992 and Bachelor of Science (Business Administration) from Bucknell University, Pa, U.S.A in 1989. He has served the British Overseas School (BoS) as a Vice Chairman from September, 2007 to August, 2011 and now serving as Chairman in the same school since September, 2011. He is the Vice President, Pakistan Belgium Business Forum and currently a Trustee of Karachi Port trust and Port Qasim Authority

Ronak Lakhani

Ronak Lakhani is a pioneer when it comes to the social causes and is the driving force behind Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP), which is a global organisation that serves athletes with intellectual disabilities for which she was also awarded the Sitara-e-Imtiaz. She has transformed the lives of people with Intellectual Disabilities, bringing them into the mainstream society through Inclusion and “Power of Sports”.


Mumtaz Maker is a renowned educationalist in Pakistan, who has helped in establishing ninety schools throughout the world. She is the founder of Cambridge High School and taught in Grammar School. She was appointed on Board with Princess Zahra Agha Khan and serve for 12 years to oversee Agha Khan’s projects in USA, East Africa, India & Pakistan. She is recognised in this field as an educational expert, consultant on international studies and a mentor to many. Parallel to an education, she is also bestowed with FPCCI special merit award for her 12 years outstanding performance. Her contributions are remarkable in the services for social welfare projects.



Speech Language Therapist
We are very delighted to be working in partnership with Dr. Amina Siddiqui from Ziauddin Hospital University who specializes in Speech Languages and Child Psychology.

Children do not only learn at school. They learn at home, through socializing with their family, caretakers and friends, and while performing simple tasks. We believe in working in partnership with our parents to understand your child better, so that their milestone achievement, and transition to different developmental stages is as smooth as possible.

We believe every child is unique, with different strengths and gifts. Alongside our educational psychologists, who understand the way our little ones minds and development work best, we aim to provide your child with the best education, assistance and support according to their own individual needs.

Our child specialists every quarterly will be screening all the students through their work assessments, observation and by talking to them and the parents to see how they are doing, what traits they are strongest in, what areas of development they are struggling with, and how can we tailor-make our assistance and teaching methods, so they can benefit the most from our learning system and find further educational transition easier, later on in life.


Co Founder Stemmers
We are delighted to be working in partnership with Ahmed Peracha, the founder of STEMMERS, under their STEMMER JUNIOR PROJECT. Following the framework of EYFS and Finnish Curriculum, we will be introducing our students to STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

STEAM is considered the core of education in the coming years internationally. We are preparing children for the future, and for the competitive generation they are and will belong to.

We take a consolidated approach towards learning and development, and aim to address the core learning areas in our classes through STEAM, and aspire to make learning engaging and fun at the same time. This helps our students integrate knowledge across disciplines, encouraging them to think in a more connected way and enhances there critical thinking skills.

While it is almost impossible to list every discipline, some common STEAM principle areas include: robotics, civil engineering, computer science, and many others. As evidenced by the multitude of disciplines, it’s clear that STEM fields affect virtually every component of our everyday lives.  Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Students are extremely curious and impressionable, so instilling an interest at an early age could spark a lasting desire to pursue a career in any of these fields. This ensures an engaging, immersive and cross-contextual educational experience whereby creating life-long learners who gain knowledge for the sheer joy of learning