Picky Eaters

Children under five mostly show difficulty in eating different foods. The most common problem encountered is their picky eating habits, and are so-called ‘PICKY EATERS.’ These picky habits are experienced more in children…


Screen Time for Kids

As the world has now become saturated with digital media, many of us spend more hours a day connected to the Internet than sleeping. The influence of screen time is mounting to its peak. According to research, the implications…

STEAM-Technology and Kids

Technology and Kids! STEAM

Getting started with the traditional education that comes to do everything somehow has pedagogical validity. Until the end of the last century in our accidental world, education has been inevitably transformed by the inclusion of new techno…

Open House 28th January 2018

Grand Opening!

We want to dedicate a, full evening to you! kinder academy would like to invite you to an evening celebrating family bond, while you explore and learn about our preschool and daycare, tour the space, and meet our amazing staff!